Pit Bull Terrier, feisty breed of terrier known as the gladiator of the canine world because of its fierce courage, strength, and agility in the pit, or fighting ring; smooth, very short coat is either pure white or white with patches of black and/or tan, especially around the eyes and muzzle; very muscular neck; ears are small, thin, pointed, and placed close together on blunt, broad-nosed head; tail is thin, medium-length, and pointed at end; eyes are small, beady, triangular, and darkly glinting; adult stands 1922 in. (4856 cm) tall at shoulders and weighs 3060 lbs (1427 kg); although originally intolerant of other dogs and of cats, if properly disciplined it can tolerate other animals; enjoys playing ball and Frisbee; developed in Great Britain in about 1835, it was nicknamed the white cavalier because it was trained to fight in defense of its master and of itself.
Encyclopedia Britannica

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